Zhan Shuo

An undergraduate student in NWPU, interested in Robotics and CV.

Open Source Projects

Modern CMake Chinese Translation Project

I like open source culture very much, so when I was learning CMake in the summer of 2021, I stumbled upon the excellent CMake tutorial Modern CMake which still doesn’t have a perfect Chinese translation, so I set up the Modern CMake CN group with a few students. Therefore, we set up the Modern CMake CN group and started the translation project.

Up to now, Modern-CMake-zh_CN has got 123 Stars and has translated 25/40. I am one of the most active contributors. And

You can click here to see our Chinese translated version, if it works for you, feel free to light up your Star!

Hugo’s Academia Theme

The theme of this site hugo-academia-theme was ported by me from Hexo version academia.

Hugo is a modern static site generator (SSG) that is easy to install and quick to generate.

I added multi-language support, and it also has thorough deployment documentation. Now it has been iterated to v1.1.0 version, welcome to experience!

A demo is as follow, if you think the theme is good, welcome to light up your Star!



In order to learn about Javascript and miniapp, and to help reduce the workload of all kinds of postwall maintainers, I wrote a QQ miniapp for self-service posting - Postwall-MiniApp.

It is easy to use, and convenient. The back-end of the miniapp is developed by Tencent Cloud and uses Tencent’s cloud functions to render the order images in real time, while the rendering function can be hot updated. It has been iterated to version v1.0.9, which implements functions such as order delivery, order rendering, order release and rejection, order review and recovery. You can find the code related to order rendering here.

Feel free to scan the QR code on the right to have an experience on the miniapp.