Zhan Shuo

An undergraduate student in NWPU, interested in Robotics and CV.

About me

My name is Zhan Shuo, an undergraduate from Northwestern Polytechnical University.

My major is Computer Science and Technology and I am currently working on computer vision and robotics related work, but I am also interested in databases, compilers, web development and other directions.

Tech stack

I am proficient in C, C++, Python, ROS, Git, Docker, and I am currently trying to implement a Compiler and DBMS in Rust and Java respectively.

At the same time, I am also interested in Javascript, Rust etc. I have completed an Posting MiniApp. The theme of this blog is also transplanted from the Hexo theme by myself.

In addition, I’m happy to be exposed to new things and familiar with website operation, having deployed and maintained Gitlab, Gitee, Seafile, FreshRSS, OpenWrt, docsify etc.

And more…

I am part of the V5++ team. We are a flourishing robotics team, determined to make our own contribution in the field of robotics.

Please know more about me through Projects and CV.